Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are asked frequently. Miscellaneous, unusual, or otherwise low-frequency questions should be sent to the email address below.
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Will you return my negatives?
Of course! Drug store chains have recently started throwing negatives away, but not here! At NJ Film Lab, we'll always return your negatives.

Do you charge for blank rolls of film?
Yes we do. Every roll takes time, chemistry, and labor to process and mail, so we need to charge for the developing service regardless of the results.
If a roll is blank or the images are too dark, we will be unable to print or scan the film. Therefore, we will refund the scanning/printing charge.

Can you process 127, 828, 126, and other formats?
Short answer: Probably, yes.
Services are limited for unusual film types. We can develop color film marked "C-41" and almost all black and white film. If you have odd-sized film or can't figure out which type it is, you can contact us directly with a photo of the film or a description of the label.

Can you scan/print from slides and negatives that have already been developed?
We don't currently offer that service on our form because it's more complicated to order than standard film developing. Slides and negatives have come in a variety of sizes over the years, and we can only handle certain types. If you have a large quantity of negatives or slides, contact us directly for details and pricing.

What developing services are you NOT able to do?
We are able to develop most film types, as long as they're marked "C-41" or Black and White. This includes most consumer film produced in the past several decades.
That being said, here are the services that we cannot provide:
8mm or 16mm movie film
Seattle Filmworks or Kodak “Vision” Motion Picture film
Infrared film (color or B&W)
Slide (E6) film (we can cross-process it as C-41)
Kodachrome (Kodak discontinued the chemical process in 2010)
Formats larger than 120
Sprocket-hole scanning on 35mm film

What kind of equipment do you use?
Our film developing, scanning, and printing is all done with top-quality Noritsu photo processing equipment. 

When will my order come back to me?
Every roll of film we receive is processed within one business day and mailed back as soon as possible. The speed of the delivery depends entirely on distance and the postal service.

Do you ship internationally?
Sorry! We only ship within the US.

What will my scans look like?
We use a high-grade Noritsu scanner that can scan 35mm and 120 film in standard or high resolution.
Samples of each scan size are listed below:
35mm Standard Resolution
35mm High Resolution
120 Standard Resolution
120 High Resolution

Can you cross-process my slide (E6) film? How does that work?
Yes, we can cross-process slide film. This type of film is designed to be viewed as a transparent, positive image through a projector. This requires a different process than C-41, which creates film negatives that are meant to be printed. Nonetheless, slide film can be developed in C-41 chemistry to create a negative. However, since the film isn't designed to be developed that way, results can get pretty funky and unpredictable. Cross processing typically results in color shifts, as well as boosted saturation and contrast.